‘Better Off’

December 27, 2021 Posted by Natalee Gilbert Blogs, The Notables

Tynnelle has compiled an EP that’s guaranteed to help others see the silver lining. The 7-track effort, titled Better Off, exudes positive vibes and manifestations. Moreover, by the end of Better Off, one will feel ready to seize every moment. The New Jersey rapper remains transparent over many upbeat instrumentals that take inspiration from trap, R&B, jazz, Jersey Club, and even boom-bap. As a whole, Better Off is an uplifting project.

Given the lyrical context, Tynnelle encourages others to live life unapologetically. He stresses that going after what you want is essential to living a happy life. Hard work leads to success, after all. Two tracks also explore the highs and lows of love.

He adds, “We have one life live it it’s hard, but if you believe in yourself, you do what feels good to you do it.”

Tynnelle wrote his first song in 6th grade. The record was for his former girlfriend because she liked Justin Bieber. So his efforts stemmed from jealousy. However, writing became a regular task after a while. For penning poems became his solace during challenging moments.

Once he entered high school, he started producing and met some new friends who rapped and convinced him to do the same. He’s been spitting fire-emoji bars ever since. His sound is categorized as mood music.

“I just want the person who hears me to really experience some type of emotion when listening to me,” he adds.


Tynnelle’s moniker is his middle name and symbolizes his life story.

He continues, “When I picked that name, it felt like I grabbed someone that felt like that, and we walked on stage together like ‘okay it’s our turn let’s do this.'”

Better Off was inspired by his revitalization, his sunshine after the rain. He brainstormed during two daily walking sessions.

He says, “It just made me wanna have fun no critical thinking no ideas for marketing just fun times and good experiences.”

“My album Complicated was my diary, and Better Off is the result of getting the pain hurt and trauma out.”


Once others are finished listening to Better Off, he hopes people can give life another look.

He adds, “Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time. It’s okay to take time to enjoy yourself.”

His deliveries on Better Off are propelled by high energy and passion. Two favorite tracks of his are “Brick City Baby” and “Pretty Boy Swag.”

One track I’ll be discussing is “Over.”

On “Over,” Tynnelle iterates to a former lover that they can’t rekindle the romance. The jazzy R&B beat matches the flood of emotions coming from the musician. Subsequently, he delivers his words melodically. The rapper explains why the two could never work out, saying

“How I keep getting b*tches that in love w/ a past n*gga?/Like how you treat the main n*gga like a side n*gga?/Sh*t really cut deep ’cause I really did vibe with you/At the time even would slide for you.”

In other words, Tynnelle is fed up with being put on the sidelines. He’d much rather be front and center in her life. But, because of the pain she inflicted on him, Tynnelle hopes karma catches up with her.


He raps, “I really hope you get hurt by that n*gga (On God)/I really hope you get played by that n*gga.”

His flow in the chorus closely resembles R. Kelly’s via “Bump n’ Grind.”