A Sit Down with Tynnelle

Written by Miguel Rodriguez

How does your next project differ from your previous one?

"Working On It is a project based on telling the truth and living as if you had a second chance at life and was able to redo everything you regretted not doing in the first place or fixing mistakes. While my first album Complicated was a diary about me, my life, my tendencies, and my observations.

What are three things that you typically like to have at the studio?

Shin Bowl ( Spicy Ramen)

My Nintendo Switch or PlayStation


What kind of 'sound', production-wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?

I try to go in with an open mind because I feel I can gravitate to whatever leads me in the direction I want to go in.

Favorite track to record off your new project?

GOMW is definitely my favorite because I feel like it was a new challenge for me, as well as a different way for me to adapt my style.

What do you hope people take from it?

You will always have choices to make. Do your best to not rush in without really thinking all your options through, but do be afraid to take risks, and walk with faith because it may never be too late to start over but starting over too soon may cause you to miss out on something great.

What or who inspired the album's theme?

A dream about my late uncle Chad whose death broke me. On January 8 , 2:11 am I woke up from a dream about him. In this dream his spirit became tangible for 24 hours, he was able to live his life as if he was still with us able to do things he didn’t before.

Explain your creative process:

I honestly drive on the highway or long road, listen to beats and let whatever speaks to me and helps me get out the emotions I want to display.

Highlight of 2022 thus far?

My biggest highlight of 2022 is welcoming my second son and planning my wedding this December.

If you had one message to give your fans what would it be?

“Live life yesterday is the past you can’t change it but today is a present full of mystery that molds your future so put one foot in front of the next and keep going”

- Tynnelle

What got you started, what keeps you going?

At 11 I started out writing out my emotions in my journal and it slowly turned into poetry. To impress my girlfriend at the time since she loved Justin Bieber. Those poems turned into songs. Once I turned 16 I started making beats and my friends convinced me to get in the studio and rap on them. My competitive nature allowed me to push myself til I could be on par if not better than all of my friends because at the time I was not. Now the only thing that’s pushing me is my kids because I need to make sure they not only have a better life than me but to be able to see life without limitations.